The Black Wasp Strikes


Stabotage - MDK

Future Projects

In this film, noir meets kung-fu action flick, a government agent, code-named The Black Wasp, must rescue the daughter of an important Chinese diplomat from the clutches of political terrorist Mr. White.


Role: Writer, Director, Editor


Year: 2013



Trapped in a forest filled with beauty and horrors a young female experiences life and death as she discovers how she came to be there.


Year: 2014



While waiting for their tardy drummer, the elite mercenary team/heavy metal band Stabotage is teleported to the future by the fiendish Atomic Skeleton. Once there, they pick up the trail of their kidnapped band manager, Roxy Wilson. To rescue her they must first do battle with an army of bloodthirsty, blue-skinned beasts under The Atomic Skeleton's command. Can Stabotage save the day?


Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Actor


Year: 2011



Christopher is currently honing his writing skills by studying the scriptwriting process in depth. He has begun to outline his first feature. He is also working on a series of short scripts to be used for a web series format program and long format scripts to be used for a TV series.

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